1:1 Individual Coaching coming Soon!!!

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Do you wish there was someone that understood where you are right now and could just meet you there and lift you up?

Do you feel like you have lost all control of your life to a tiny human?

Do you feel like you have lost your identity in the midst of sleepless nights, poopie diapers, and spit up?

Are you ready to experience the fourth trimester at your highest potential?

Hi there!  I see you scouring the internet, spending precious time, searching “is this normal?”, or “am I doing this right?”.  Only to wonder are any of these sites reliable?  How can I trust the info I’m getting.  And at the end of the day, its just information, I still don’t know how to implement it in my life, and it doesn’t solve the problem that I still don’t feel supported, heard or understood.  You are not alone!!!  One of the most common themes I hear from people in the postpartum period is “I feel isolated, lonely and overwhelmed”.  You don’t have to feel this way.  

What is postpartum coaching?

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Think life coaching specifically designed for people navigating the first year after birth.  The first year after birth is probably one of the most overwhelming yet rewarding periods in a person’s life.  It is easy to lose site of who you are and who you want to be in the midst of sleepless nights, poopie diapers and spit up.  Unfortunately, our society places a huge burden on people to “bounce back’’ after birth almost immediately leaving us all frustrated and feeling like utter failures.  While those feelings are absolutely real and valid, they just aren’t true.  The thought behind those feelings are grounded in unrealistic expectations created by our society.  It’s time to break free of these harmful thoughts!!!  A postpartum coach helps you silence the noise and  ground yourself to optimize your experience in the postpartum period.  The goal of a postpartum coach is to assist you in becoming the most informed, empowered and understood person and mother you can be. 

The fourth trimester is a unique experience for people after birth.  There are so many changes that occur in such a short period of time it can feel overwhelming.  As an obgyn doctor who had spent 10 years caring for pregnant and postpartum people, I had no idea how challenging (to say the least) the fourth trimester is until I had my first child.  Holy cow!!!!  I was blown away by the feelings of isolation, utter fatigue and frustration with the sense of loss of control.  I needed help!  Unfortunately, I was an “old” mom, most of my friend’s kids were already in elementary school so I really didn’t have anyone to commiserate with.  So, I just muddled through.  Since then I have made it a mission of mine to improve the fourth trimester experience for everyone through support, education and empowerment.  I am passionate about meeting people right where they are in their postpartum journey and assisting them in centering their journey around their individual core needs and beliefs.  No one navigates the fourth trimester the exact same, so the approach is as individualized as you are!

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