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Three Basic Pillars of Breastfeeding:

You are probably already aware breastfeeding is the most ideal way to feed your baby.  There are multiple benefits to breastfeeding for you and your baby.  Buuuut, that doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is easy and it doesn't always come "natural". In fact, many women struggle with breastfeeding.  It takes time, effort and patience to learn… Continue reading Three Basic Pillars of Breastfeeding:

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What happened to my ankles?

Ok, so it's been at least two months since I last saw my ankles, and now it feels like a very mean trick that after birth my ankles are even more swollen than they were two weeks ago when I spent four hours walking around Disney 38 weeks pregnant. WHAAATTT?? WHHHYYYYYY is this happening, and… Continue reading What happened to my ankles?

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Six Things You can do to prepare for you first BM after birth

The idea of that first bowel movement after delivery can be soooo daunting. What if it hurts? What if I get constipated? What if I rip my stitches? What if I can’t go? When will it happen?


The Facts You Should Know about Postpartum Anemia

Anemia (also referred to as low blood count or low iron) is common in pregnancy and can worsen after delivery.  Our bodies are amazingly smart and are equipped to handle normal blood loss associated with delivery.  However, if your blood count is already low prior to delivery or you lose more than the normal amount… Continue reading The Facts You Should Know about Postpartum Anemia

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5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Returning to Work after Baby

Integrating your new mom-life with work-life after maternity leave can seem incredibly insurmountable. Managing a new schedule, embracing new responsibilities and processing emotions are but three of the most common tasks we all encounter when returning to work after having a baby.  It is overwhelming to think about, but it can be done successfully.  It is important… Continue reading 5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Returning to Work after Baby

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The Truth about Self-Care after Birth

I stare at the clock as the hour approaches.  The baby is still feeding, for some reason he has chosen to take longer this time.  I still have to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, fold the laundry that is in the dryer and cut up some vegetables for dinner.  But, first… Continue reading The Truth about Self-Care after Birth


When having a baby isn’t all sunshine and rainbows: What you need to know about postpartum depression.

Having a baby will be the greatest and most rewarding adventure you will ever encounter, but it is not without bumps and bruises, heartache and stress, fatigue and worry. For many women the postpartum period is not all sunshine and rainbows. Postpartum depression can be difficult to recognize because many of the symptoms are similar to the normal experiences of the postpartum period, such as fatigue, sleeping difficulties, irritability, or change in appetite.

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The Struggle of Postpartum Body Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a beautiful, strong, courageous woman, or do you see cellulite, dark circles, stretch marks and wrinkles? Do you hate what you see, or can you find the good qualities that outshine the flaws? Body image is an individual’s perception of her physical… Continue reading The Struggle of Postpartum Body Image

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Finding Your Village

Being a new mom can be isolating. We tend to hole ourselves up in our homes just trying to survive on a daily basis. After several weeks of this "survival" behavior, it becomes a bad habit, and the idea of going out to meet someone seems like a mountain of a hurdle to jump. We… Continue reading Finding Your Village

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Postpartum Hair Loss is REAL!

I knew it was an inevitable part of the fourth trimester, but for some reason I was still alarmed when it started. Hair loss, ladies, that is what I am talking about. Lots and lots of hair everywhere! Hair in the shower, on the bathroom floor, in the brush, on the baby! Ugh, so gross.… Continue reading Postpartum Hair Loss is REAL!