I am a practicing Ob/Gyn physician and first time mommy to a beautiful, busy toddler.  In my experience as a physician I have noted the incredible amount of incorrect medical information that is passed between my patients as they are navigating through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.  I have always tried to educate patients during their  obstetric visits with me, pointing them in the direction of solid sites containing accurate information they can rely on.

After going through pregnancy, delivery and the fourth trimester myself, I have also realized as a physician I had been neglecting the importance of the fourth trimester.  The fourth trimester is a period of time that is rarely talked about but yet so critical in the bond between mommy, baby and family. It is a time of healing, learning and growing.  My goal with this blog is to empower women with up to date, medically accurate information relating to pregnancy, labor/delivery and most importantly the fourth trimester all while interjecting a little first hand experience.  I hope that you will be able to relate and learn something new.  Thank you for your interest.  Best of luck to you and your new family!